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Electrical Applications

Characteristics and typical applications of carbon brushes

The graphite or the graphite compound +metals in electrical applications present some characteristics that make a difference from the compound normally used for the same aim. Some of those are:

  • – High fusion point which avoid that the contacts merge even under the effect from the electric arc;
  • – High coefficient of heat transmission consequently the arcs and sparks vanish quickly;
  • – High resistance against oxidation.

Among the electrical applications of graphite the main one is the carbon brush. The carbon brushes are one of the most important and sensible parts of a electrical machine, a generator, motor C. C or C. A, rotative conversor, etc. Its performance is immediately reflected in the efficiency of the machines which use it.

Therefore the correct specification of the brushes is very important. For that, we request informations beyond the dimension of the brushes other data as: place of utilization, type of the machine, characteristics from the job (current of the work, tension, rotation), diameter and width of the rings and commutator, etc.

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